Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why Pushing String?

Ok, this being the first post of my film making journey blog I should probably explain the title of the blog - Pushing String, now stay with me as it is philosophical based and I'll try not to bore you with it, but since I want to be a film maker, let me paint a picture for you with words, (screenwriting ahoy!)

It is the way I see my life/career/goals/work etc etc.

Imagine if you will a wide road, (It's up to you how you see the road, dirt, asphalt, yellow brick, gold, whatever)

You stand at the start of the road, and across the width of the road is a piece of string. You are at the start of your journey, so it is fitting here at the start of the blog, that I explain the string.

Along the road are markers, goals, sign posts, whatever label you want to give what you're striving for, but being my analogy, I'll say sign posts.

To get to a sign post, you have to push the string toward it, you can't pick it up, roll it up and throw it or anything, you have to push a section of the string toward your goal, as far as you can, before having to move to another section of the string and push that part and so on.

Film and video editors will see it as a flexible TLI (Time Line Indicator) moving along your road in life, and that string can get caught on friends, family, work, money, health etc. It will get stuck, until you untangle it, every rock and tree branch in the road will have to be untangled. You may have to pull the knot of problems with you for a fair way, the string may snap and have to be retied to continue...your friends, colleagues and family might help you push the string, they may even help you re-tie it, depends on your support network. Surround yourself with like minded people and the string will get easier to push.
It may get pulled in a number of different directions by different people and events, it could even be sent skyrocketing forward by a gust of fortunate wind...or get impossibly tied to something or someone and stuck there.

Up to you if you pull out the scissors.

It is string and not rope due to the tenous nature of life, if you really want to debate metaphorical tensile strength ha!

So this blog of my journey of making my film "Redeemed" will be the cataloguing of every knot, every push, every cut, every signpost reached, with unflinching honesty of what I plan to do (when it's best revealed) and what happens, good and bad. I'll be Pushing String for the rest of my life, but this part of the road is open to other film makers who might avoid a few knots...I hope I can help.


Simon Van Der Spoel

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Chris Jones said...

Great work pal, keep it up... looking foirward to next entry!