Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mutual Exchange

Being an independent film maker, learning the art of wheeling and dealing is a integral part. Now for this project to catch the eye of a potential funder/supporter I will need to put together an amazing trailer that conveys action, story and most of all, heart, emotional punch. I'm not making a wham bam thank you m'am action film here, I want to make something different, something that hasn't been seen before (at least here in OZ) at least I like to think so.

I need footage for a trailer, and it turns out Frankie needs a showreel. So a mutual exchange, where we both benefit from pooling our resources and both of us end up with something we need.

Solution, Frankie hires the equipment, the armourer, the makeup artist, and I shoot it for him for free, and I get to keep the tasty stuff that aligns with my story, and showcasing my skills as a director/cam op. Frankie wrote his own dialogue!

It was here that I saw that Frankie really knows his stuff, he's enthusiastic about the idea of the film and is working with me to see it happen. His skills and his acting ability is something that my film needs to seperate my film from the pack!

Of course I want to show you what we did, so here's the behind the scenes!

Make up was done by Desiree Vogelsang, a very experienced and talented woman, who worked on Narnia! Her make up and SFX abilities added a level of quality and professionalism that shows we mean business. Her site is here

The armourer was Dr Astrid M Valatti, a licensed armourer who's film credits are incredible (including the Matrix!) and he's a forensic ballistic expert for the police, plus he's the nicest gentleman you've ever met.

In this video, you can see the majority of weapons we got to play with.

In this scene, the Uzi jammed so we went with the WWII German Schmeisser for the drive by weapon of choice. In the low angle shot I'm to the rear of the car looking at the monitor and getting showered by hot brass shells, god I love being on set!

Frankie had so much fun that he had several photoshoots in his own time and put together this video for me to showcase imagery for "Redeemed" now that's proactive!

So this is a pure example of mutual exchange, getting excited about the potential of a project and working together to create something amazing! That is my goal, and proactive, positive people are who you need to surround yourself with when chasing a goal.

Frankie's website is here

And there's more to come next blog entry about mutual exchange, this time with a Record Label...

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