Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Setback

As promised, I said I would detail all progress and setbacks for this film...here's a setback. The response from the department of defence came through -


Dear Mr Van Der Spoel,

I have reviewed previous requests for support to productions at this stage of development and found that we do not, in fact, provide assistance to a project until it has attracted funding or achieved a pre-sale to a broadcaster or distribution chain.

This avoids a situation where resources are allocated to projects which are unable to reach completion.

I wish you luck with your project and you are welcome to re-submit your application once funding has been obtained.

Yuri Shukost
Entertainment Media Liaison

So as you can see, unless distribution, funding, pre sale etc etc is lined up, you're in the same boat as most indie film makers, having to make do without such.

What I had requested, initially is footage of blackhawks, to be used within the concept trailer, what I, as the film maker, saw as a low risk, low commitment from defence. If the film didn't happen, well the supply of footage was not seen as a commital of support.

If the film takes off, the relationship was already established. Oh well, move forward, push another part of the string, untangle this one later.

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Chris Jones said...

Great work pal, keep up the good work