Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reality and In my head

Reality sucks. You have bills to pay, you have a job to do, it will consume your day, and to make ends meet you will have to do things you don't want to do. But you do them.

Because you must.

There is no other option, unless you want to end up on the street. I approach my film the same way, I write because I must. If I want this film to be made, I must write. I must push this string, nudging this idea closer and closer to realisation. I must push to get the music right for the idea, I push to get the script right, I push to get the actors lined up, I must push to get this concept trailer off the ground so I can show people what it is that I'm talking about.

But of course I'm constantly thinking about the film, the story, the characters. In between shooting a job for work and editing, I'll get a flash of an image, a snippet of conversation and often it will be lost as I don't have time to write it down.

As much as I'd like the ability to stop everything I'm doing and concentrate on my idea, I'm paid to implement other people's ideas and put them on the screen. After work is my time and that is the reality.

The film is in my head, I have to get it out before I can implement my ideas. Screenwriters are masters of conveying a story and an idea visually through their writing. My wife has pointed out to me, that to get my concept trailer to work, I have to share my vision, I can't keep watching it in my head and not tell anyone but
I can't just pack a camera and go film it now.

I am impatient, but unless I make the concept trailer the best it can be, I will do more damage than good by putting something together not of a high enough standard to get noticed.

Sketching takes me a bit of time, I can't sketch from out of my head either, I have to be looking at a source image and draw from that. (My mate Tony Graham, a photoshop and graphic artist whizz found some of my source images and made some postcards!)

So the best way for me to get this mass of imagery of the concept trailer out is for me to write a concept trailer script. Write what I see. Storyboards, locations, equipment, actors must come after that. First...I have to write what I see. Because I must.

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quicksilverfunsugar said...

Hi! What is said in feature film is, you break in to Hollywood any way you can. That said, it is indeed important to take a vision beyond what is thought. I agree, we each must go farther, and sharing the thought within imagery with others - is exactly the development process. Congratulations on seeing that putting ink to script is only part of the equation. Very excited about your screenwriting and feature film making.

P.S., Orchestrating the creativity for others - will bring you that much more inspiration and skill. A trait well earned - and deserved!

Reach the Highest Height!

- Dylan