Thursday, May 20, 2010

Warrior Brother

I'd like to introduce my other actor Alec Doomadgee, who will be playing the SAS soldier's Warrior Brother, a soldier from NORFORCE, an elite reserve unit responsible for patrolling 1.8 million square kilometres covering the Northern Territory plus the Kimberley Region of Western Australia.

Around 800 men, 60% of them are aboriginal soldiers, leading the way with their incredible knowledge of the land, the water ways and how to survive in this harsh country of ours. They have close ties with Commando regiments of Australia, and are masters of their craft.

Alec has been involved in the media industry for a long time, and has a great quality on screen, as seen in the short film Joonba (2008), and Channel 9's TV series 'The Strip', he has a strength in his being and voice that commands attention, something critical for the film Redeemed. It probably stems from his years as a radio host.

Alec's character will be the childhood friend of our SAS hero, in fact they joined up together, ending up in different Regiments, but they are the best of friends, and as former SAS Keith Fennell put's it - Warrior Brothers.

It should also be explained that Alec is my own brother in law, my own warrior brother, fighting for his people's rights as representative for the Waanji-Garrawa people, and recently married to my little sister. In fact, my wife and my sister roll their eyes when we all catch up, because all Alec and I ever talk of is film, a kindred spirit in determination and desire to be a part of this industry, so watch me get him to the big screen.

Alec is in the process of getting a documentary made about his son going through his initiation ceremony to become a man in his people's eyes. It will be an amazing film and he is looking for production funding to create it.

I'll keep you all posted as to how we both go!

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