Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Concept Art and Reality

As part of the imagery that is ripping through my mind I sat down and drew some sketches, concept art to crystalise what I see, and show others what it is that I'm thinking. I can't just pop out and film this stuff, at least not yet, so here's what I see...

Immedietly it becomes apparent that I see military hardware in action, the Blackhawk Helicopter, with several angles on it. The stuff in the jungle is relatively easy to recreate (people, costume, firearms, jungle location - achievable), but the Australian Army Blackhawk is not.

I have to get the support of the Defence force for permission to film the Blackhawk in the actual film (when that day comes). I also have to get permission to get footage, already filmed by the defence department, of the blackhawks in action, for the concept trailer I'm putting together.

To do either, one has to contact the relevant department and make a submission with supporting paperwork signed by the Producer http://www.defence.gov.au/index/details/film.htm

If you're interested in what's required to film the Department of Defence, take a look at the supporting information, which is very important to adhere to. It is my hope to create a film where the characters portraying military personell of the Australian armed forces conduct themselves with honour, courage, professionalism, and integrity. I hope that an audience will watch them go to hell and back and believe in them as I do. A writer has to believe in his characters.

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