About Me

After posting my philosophy, here's a little bit about me and where I'm coming from, my first film I made was a documentary on WWII Spitfires called "Spitfire Guardians" narrated by the late and great Charles Bud Tingwell.

It was broadcast on The History Channel. It was my first film I'd ever made and I wrote, produced, directed, edited and shot the film, with the help of my friends. I was 22 when I started the film after completing a degree in Media Production and Journalism, I was 27 when it was completed and broadcast! 56,000 people tuned in! It was an unreal feeling watching the premiere at prime time on November 11, Remembrance day!

I was an Associate Producer of an Oscar Shortlisted short film in 2009 "Gone Fishing" directed by the amazing Chris Jones. http://www.chrisjonesblog.com/ @livingspiritpix (twitter)

There were only five nominations that year and we were number six on the list. In 2010 that list was increased to 10 nominations, so we missed by that much.

Timing is everything as they say, I've worked in the Media Industry for 6 years as a news camera operator and editor, also working in commercial production for nearly two years on top of that, so I earned my stripes covering real life where there are no second takes, and the rawness of human emotion is unchecked.

I am well aware of the fragility of human life after what I've seen over the years, so I am persuing my dreams with all my heart for tomorrow it could all be gone. I've seen it.

There is always a period of time between your first project and your second, where to focus, what to put your new knowledge into. My next attempt at a film, with a bit of government funding was "Mounted Steel" about modern day Jousting...yes...Jousting, you know, horses, armour, big sticks (male and female competitors!)

There were falls, there was blood, and a great time had by all...It's currently in negotiation to be broadcast.

Doco's have been an extension of my news background, covering real life, but I want to get into fictional FILM! So, where do my strengths lie? Documentary style coverage, and an interest in the fighters and warriors of our world.

It's not a great leap from those things for my film idea, I've been interested in the military for a long time, so making a feature film about an Australian soldier is an extension of my passion for the armed forces of this country.

So what is Redeemed about? Well, following Michael Hague's 'fill in the blanks' way of describing a film, here is the one paragraph synopsis.

"Redeemed" is an action drama about a wounded SAS soldier who returns to his rural childhood home to heal is body and soul. Confronted by his past, the soldier must decide between love for his country and the love of a woman. But the truth of his ex fianc├ęs past threatens to destroy them, and draws them into the vicious criminal underworld, where there is no guarantee of survival.

That's the idea, it's a clash of worlds, military vs criminal, city vs country. At the core of the story is the relationship of the Trooper with his Ex, a story plenty can identify with, and the conflicts and drama that arise should be intense and heart breaking. Hopefully. I'm redrafting the script and tweaking it so that the emotional truth is real.

I count myself a guerilla film maker, taking my lead from such film makers as UK Director Chris Jones (creator of that Oscar contender short "Gone Fishing" and author of the Guerilla Film Makers Handbook) but my Australian inspirations are the likes of the Sperig Brothers (Daybreakers) Gregor Jordan (Two Hands), Greg Mclean (Wolf Creek), Nash Edgerton (The Square) and David Michod (Animal Kingdom). I'm determined to make Australian films of a standard like theirs.

This is my goal, and by sharing it with the world, it makes me even more determined to succeed so as not to put lie to my words. This is my journey, pushing string.