Monday, November 22, 2010

Two projects - one weekend

December 18 is the day to finish my short film action sequence, I have Astrid Vallatti of AV Ballistics as my armourer and we will be equipping my actors with a variety of pistols. It should be a great shoot, with lots of 'bad guys' going down in a blaze of glory.

December 19 is the shoot at an iconic Brisbane nightclub with my gangster and his molls! I'm deep in costume construction with my wife, who is trying to bring my concept to reality with her skills, and I'm running around organising props for the shooting that Sunday.

It will be a crazy weekend, but well worth it, pushing my projects ahead in leaps and bounds. I've been busy creating the opening sequence of my concept trailer in After Effects, cutting the vision and compositing it to Eskimo Joe's amazing track 'Foreign Land' in preparation of adding the new footage and scenes to it to create the Redeemed Concept Trailer.
It's slowly building momentum...Ex Pertinacia Victoria

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Villainous Gangster Revealed

I would like to introduce my actor who is playing the Villain of the Concept Trailer, Jeff Gannon.

I first met Jeff on the set of "Mindfire" a feature I crewed on, in fact, Jeff took the shirt right off my back, literally. Turns out Wardrobe liked my pastel blue shirt, and thought it would suit him for the scene, so BAM! My shirt is famous, and I'm a struggling director ha!

But thanks to the shirt incident, he remembered who I was when I contacted him after the shoot wrapped. Though the shirt has gone missing, I was supposed to get it back from wardrobe and that never happened...

Jeff is a very talented American actor adding an international flavour to my project, it's great to have him on board! Check out his site here

He's been in quite a few national ad campaigns and films!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Introducing Imogen and Veronica

After a long audition process my casting team and I finally agree on the last two female roles and I'd like to introduce them.

First up is Imogen who is playing the leading lady, the hero's ex fiance, and had to have a mixture of soft femininity and steel, someone who has seen the horrors of the criminal underworld.

And then there is Veronica, who is Gangsters Moll2 the Ice Queen of the group, a stunning model with a powerful attitude in her performance and gaze.

I look forward to working with them all in creating the concept trailer to showcase the world and idea I have created.
Moving forward inch by inch! Up next...the Gangster himself!