Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Professionals and "Past Mistakes"

So I've been offline for a bit due to a very busy workload, and then I was given a brilliant opportunity to do some training with some amazing professionals in the media industry. We had Avid edit training with Dave Forsythe , a master editor and trainer, then a powerful presentation by Australia's After Effect guru John Dickinson.

His compositing skills are incredible, and he is Adobe's official ambassador for Australia, he gets to play with some really cool stuff, and shows how to use it on his website and he shares his tips and tutorials to improve the after effects work out there so it doesn't look cloned. Admirable and fantastic effort! We all had dinner after the training and I won't repeat half the crap we talked about, but it was great to talk to a professional in a social setting and get to know John, he's a great guy that is very passionate about his work, something that I can understand.

On another note, I was interviewed as part of the amazing Karen Quah's blog birthday celebrations, so if you get the time check out the great interviews she's lined up (other than me, I'll leave it for you to decide whether I'm rubbish) there are some great links and people on there!

Now I mentioned that a short film was in the offing, I'm actually writing a short film called "Past Mistakes" to be shot in one location, and showing Frankie Oatway at his best and most deadly, it will showcase my abilities ad provide a launch pad for Redeemed. It will be produced and shot with crew from my own media contacts as a test run, and show my abilities to potential investors, because at some point people will ask to see what I am capable of. Here goes...

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