Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ex Pertinacia, Victoria

Ex Pertinacia, Victoria - From Determination, Victory. That's my motto, that's the way I live my life. And so, I wrote another email to defence about the use of blackhawk footage.

To: Shukost, Yuri MR
Subject: Clarification/Permission

Dear Mr Shukost,

I understand that defence will not provide resource support to the project till funding and distribution has been lined up as you have informed me, but am I able to get permission to use footage of blackhawks in my concept trailer, without use of any defence resources.

I have found the Television Commercial production company that has shot blackhawks for defence advertising, plus I have recorded footage of blackhawks off the TV from the news. If I am able to get permission to use footage of Blackhawks, I will source it from the production company, and use news footage that has already been broadcast.

With this permission, I can show what I plan to do in the film and get funding to proceed further talks with defence for actual resource support. Permission to use this footage will not require any time or resources from defence as I will source the tapes, dubbing and facilities myself, at my own cost, all I require to proceed is clearance from defence that I am allowed to use this footage, for this purpose (concept trailer) and that purpose only.

I will sign whatever waiver required by defence that may be needed to release this footage for this purpose, and if need be, put up a graphic at the end of the concept trailer that defence does not have a relationship with the production, and that support is not guaranteed, nor implied by the release of the footage for use within the concept trailer. I won't release the concept trailer with the Blackhawk footage in it without defence having looked at it first.

I honestly feel that this clearance, with these stipulations, is a small venture, with a large potential for defence, with no risk and no cost to defence, or its resources.

I look forward to any comments you may have, and hope to discuss this further,

Kind Regards,

Simon VDS -

Their response was immediate!


Dear Mr Van Der Spoel,

Because the method you've described would have little additional impact on our resources, I would be prepared to provide permission to use the footage to produce a show reel video for your feature film.

However, I am not certain what terms and conditions are attached to the Black Hawk footage used in Defence Force Recruiting's TVC and so I have cc'd their National Marketing Manager, who may be able to clarify this.

As I mentioned in an earlier e-mail, because a film treatment can change dramatically from initial concept to when it goes into production, approval at this point does not signify approval for the project as a whole. For that to occur, we would need to see a draft script to decide whether the movie matches Defence values.

Yuri Shukost
Entertainment Media Liaison

That's one knot taken care of! Moving forward! Ex Pertinacia Victoria!

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