Monday, June 7, 2010

Ideas, Problems, Technology, Timing.

As you've probably guessed, I come up with ideas, think of the possibilities and take action. Well, I hadn't heard anything more from Tina Cousins people, and when I found out that she was performing in Brisbane on the night of Sunday 13th, I offered to get her and her people into the Aboriginal Dreaming Festival on the Monday 14th (Queens Birthday) to give her a rare opportunity to see Indigenous Australia in full flight plus she could meet Alec, my brother in law and I could discuss the Redeemed cameo further. No response.

People are busy, professionals especially, and timing is a big factor, so you have to keep moving forward, nudge another bit of string, untangle the knots later.

One of those knots is my writing computer failed the other week. It's still in the repair shop, getting hard drives replaced and RAM upgraded. Though all the important stuff has been backed up, it's still a pain that the entire PC is missing, the speed at which I type is far faster than I write, and getting ideas out quickly, as fast as they play out in my head is important.

But, it became moot the other day, as I was sent away to another TV station to cover another cam op/editors workload. Reverse engineering someone elses After Effects projects is always fun...time consuming, but interesting. You literally can plot someone's thought process, and in doing so, it becomes obvious that there is no right or wrong way to make a visual project. It's the end result that matters, whether you parented elements, edited behaviours or cut and pasted key frames, the average punter at home doesn't care, they just want to see the pictures clearly and hear what's going on.

Oh...I've also been told I need to make a short film before I start 'Redeemed' very much like Chris Jones and his 'Gone Fishing' short, as a precursor to his feature 'Rocket Boy'
(Check out for the details)

More on that soon!

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