Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Dreaming Festival

Well the long weekend has come and gone and I have been to the Aboriginal Dreaming Festival to catch up with my brother in law and my sister, actually my whole extended family turned up at one point or another so it was a nice suprise!

For the concept trailer I need someone to play the part of the SAS soldier who will be a warrior brother to Alec's character. The actor I have chosen is Shane Ross, he is fit and looks hard, so for the trailer purposes he's a great asset to the shoot.

We brought him to the festival to meet Alec and get a few shots for the trailer. I had images in my head of both of them next to a campfire, but that proved impossible with the size and nature of the festival.

So I went for shots of them talking and laughing as good mates, and then painted up shane with cam paint.

It should be noted that I went for the $17 bowhunters face paint with 5 colours instead of the $19 three colour army issue face paint. It was a mistake, but for the purposes of showing shane in the scrub with his face done up it will do. For the actual film I'll be using genuine army issue.

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