Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Blackhawks and "PM"

I got another official approval from Defence to utilise footage of Blackhawks from their past TV Commercials in my concept trailer. The production company that has the footage is Artisan Films, and the director of the commercials is Karl Von Moller, a very experienced DOP of great talent who is constantly overseas with his work. He was the DOP on the Australian part of 'The Bank Job' (incidently a Jason Statham film), and shot the 'Not Quite Hollywood' doco, plus the 'Broken Wings' Spitfire doco to name a few.

I met Karl on twitter, and because of our shared interest in doco's, films, military and of course Spitfires we got to talking. He has stacks of Blackhawk footage, and now that i've got permission it's available to me for the concept trailer! Result!

I've also completed the 1st draft of Past Mistakes and sent it out to be read, so it's officially in development! Bit by bit, nudging the string forward!

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