Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CASTING CALL: For Redeemed Concept Trailer

I am looking for 4 female models/actors in South East Queensland/Gold Coast to film for a concept trailer of a feature film idea. It is high/alternative fashion, with stylised make up. Looking for two blondes and two brunettes aged between 25 - 35. Specifically looking for one Asian brunette.
Only one speaking role for a blonde character. More shoots for this character may be scheduled at a later date.
Please supply head shots and CV, please supply a showreel via online link or DVD.
The single scene shoot will take place on one Sunday during the day, on a date to be advised in a Brisbane location TBA.
The budget is limited, but I am allowing for $100 per actor in total. They will have to arrange their own transport to and from the location. The High Definition footage of the models can be given to the models as part of their own self promotional purposes/showreel for a reduced rate.

The concept trailer has a license to use Eskimo Joe's song 'Foreign Land' as a backing track, and will make the release high profile. I have been a professional camera operator and editor in the TV industry for over eight years.
Send expressions of interest, CV's and headshots to redeemedfilm@gmail.com

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