Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shanghai and my short film

So here's the reason I have been offline for two weeks. I was in Shanghai, China for a holiday, and couldn't access the net often while I was away. So while I was having a proper break, I was also slightly on edge as a good mate of mine, Chris Allen was completing a short film script from a story we both came up with.

Why should this be of concern? Well, this short film is not 'Past Mistakes' a script I wrote with the intention of filming as a calling card. I scrapped it due to timing and resources. Frankie Oatway, my actor mate, well his career is taking off in the States in a big way, he's scheduled to fly out to New York to start on a new TV show and a number of films on Wednesday 18th of August...That leaves two weeks.

I found this out while I was in Shanghai, so my good mate Chris (who I've know since we were 13) wrote an amazing script that we polished with Frankie, while I was on the other side of the world. We start filming on Saturday 7th of August, and finish on 13th of August. That's two days of filming and two seperate weeks of rehearsal...ambitious? Yes. Crazy? Most Certainly. Achievable? I believe so!

Once that is complete, I'll finish the Redeemed concept trailer in time for a November launch, so I'll have a short film shot in the style of 'Redeemed' with the hard action and intense emotional scenes, plus a concept trailer of my film idea, set to the incredible music of Eskimo Joe. That's the plan...lets see if it works.

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