Sunday, August 22, 2010

Meetings, Interviews and Pickups

Saturday morning was spent meeting with potential investors in the WWII doco and the meeting went very well, especially since we were starting the doco on Sunday afternoon. After the meeting I went to Brisbane for my Grandmother's birthday, and while I was there, voted in the federal election. Straight after that we went to another meeting with Ian Sparke, of Sparke films.

Ian is the amazing military advisor and military costume supervisor on such projects as Kokoda, Thin Red Line, Wolverine, Beneath Hill 60, The Pacific and the Long Tan doco. His expertise on the authentic look of uniforms and soldiers from the 1700's to modern forces is essential for my projects.

Ian is doing what I'm trying to do with the 'Redeemed' concept trailer, he's made a short trailer for his feature script 'The 34th Battalion'

I wish him the best of luck with the project, and hope it gets off the ground soon. I'm going to employ Ian to get the uniforms and props of my Redeemed trailer to be correct for an SAS trooper. Down the track I'll get him for the actual film of Redeemed, plus the WWII re-enactments for this doco project I've started.

Ian did an amazing job on Damien Lay and Martin Walsh's Long Tan doco re-enactments, so it is essential to get Ian Sparke for the quality and authenticity of the period.

My short film that I shot with Frankie Oatway needs a couple of pickups, and then that will be complete, followed by the final scenes for the 'Redeemed' trailer, so that when I launch, I will have a film directed by me, a trailer for a feature script, and a WWII doco on the books.

It creates a body of work that any future investor, producer, executive can look at, and that's the plan...

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