Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Am I insane?

A question that many a film maker asks...What am I getting myself into is another, and the two are usually side by side in the mental conversation.

I've wrapped on my short film with Frankie Oatway, it just needs to be cut, graded and soundscaped. Post production doesn't worry me as there is no deadline for this film, it just needs to be done right. So I can take my time.

However, the WWII doco has launched straight into preproduction, I'm taking meetings to discuss what assetts we have on hand, what we can arrange, and how to interview the veterans as soon as possible while they are still in the country for the re-union, going straight into research into the unit. Talking to the Department of Defence again (they must love me by now, I've bugged them so many times...bugged as in contacted, not bugged as in listening device...please don't arrest me)

I'm investigating the cost of setting up a HD edit suite at home, and the cost of HD cameras...hiring the gear is becoming a nightmare, and the freedom of having my own gear for films and doco's might be worth the debt...maybe.

So much going on and I haven't even debriefed from coming back from was only two weeks ago but it feels like last year, so much has happened.

I can only mutter to myself 'Ex Pertinacia Victoria' and keep going...though the muttering to myself doesn't help my sane image, but then, I'm a film maker.
I am insane.

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