Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Competing with Hollywood - Literally

Obviously in this industry there is a pool of talented, qualified professionals, who are known for their expertise and skill. They are in high demand. Their skills are rare and cannot be done by anyone off the street. They are specialists.

Specialists I need to complete my projects. Specialists who are being employed by Hollywood to work on feature films, and being paid well for their time.

I cannot compete with that, and I am not so naieve think that I ever could, unless I was helming my own $75M project or somesuch.

So I am waiting for these specialists schedules to free up, and I have to be patient if I want their amazing abilities, and bide my time. Frustrating yes, but that's the way it goes.

So rather than do nothing while I wait, I've designed the costumes for my four female characters in Redeemed, and my wife and I are putting the patterns together in calico to see if it works.

I'm also building the After Effects project that the trailer vision will go into. Creating a visualling engaging base, background, colour pallette and titles, that all my vision can slot into. Step by step I will build this thing, in the hope that "build it and they will come" still has some magic left in it.

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