Monday, July 12, 2010

Short Film V Concept Trailer

I am faced with a bit of a difficult decision, on one hand I have my concept trailer building momentum, lining up resources to complete the shots to get the result I'm after (things are going great!). On the other hand, it seems to me that unless you've made a film, you're not really taken seriously, no matter how technically accomplished you are.

That comes down to the fact, I am an experienced professional Camera Op/Editor in TV, not film (though I could technically argue I know how to shoot the Sony HDC 950 which is a film quality system - Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Sin City, Avatar etc) But that's it, I have the technical skill, but what people will be looking for is if I have director/writer skill, working with actors, writing a script that conveys story, emotion and snappy dialogue. But then there are fresh faced uni/film school graduates without an iota of life experience and industry technical experience out there trying to make features...

A Concept Trailer may not convey that skill, it will showcase an idea, a premise of a feature. The trailer is a great promo for my concept, but is it a calling card for me? People I've spoken to suggest a short film is the best way to show what I can do in all fields.

So I wrote a 13 page short film called Past Mistakes, with Frankie Oatway as the lead.

Problem number one, Frankie has just been cast in a Feature Film 'Mei Mei' with GUY PEARCE! And then he's lined up to go to New York for talks with Vincent Pastore (of Casino and Soprano's fame!) So he's a very busy bloke, and August is the only window of opportunity to film him this year. Talk about pressure, the first draft has only just been completed, and needs tightening, and then we need to cast, and crew it!

It begs the question whether I should let the opportunity go for now, and risk losing Frankie to Hollywood, while I concentrate on the concept trailer, or try to do both, stretching already thin resources further.

It's like being a mercenary soldier and trying to decide which battle to fight...that's indie film making. I'll keep you posted how I go.

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