Thursday, July 8, 2010

Eskimo Joe's Management contact me

Ok, so I posted my ambition of getting an amazing Eskimo Joe track 'Foreign Land' to use for my 'concept trailer' of my feature film. When I said there was movement on the progress of the song, this was what I was talking about

I had completed one application to one of the rights holders, Warner Music, for the song on the Thursday. I completed the second application to Mushroom Music on Monday and sent that off. I recieved immediate responses from both companies saying that they will get a quote for me, and things were a happening.

Looking back over my posts I saw someone had commented on Sunday. It was Cath Haridy...ESKIMO JOE'S MANAGER! How, who, what, where huh? Are Eskimo Joe secret Agents? I hadn't completed the second application yet! Cath was kind enough to ask me to contact her via the official Eskimo Joe Website so that I knew it wasn't a crank post. Well I did. And she responded.

"Indeed it was me and yes I saw your blog by independent means. I keep relatively I touch with most things that happen with the band online."

So no, the band aren't secret agents, their manager Cath is. Ha! All jokes aside, it was my including of the youtube link of their clip that may have flagged her attention to my blog. (maybe? Cath would not reveal her sources, so my secret agent suspicions remain). An unexpected result, but a welcome one!

While I was contacting the rights holders, the band manager was contacting me, based off my declaration of intent. Online. For all to see. I'm still a little gobsmacked at the speed of events. Two weeks ago I was thinking, no, they're out of reach, too big for an indie to try. But I tried anyway, and got a response I couldn't have imagined. So here I wait, with bated breath, for the monetary requirements, which actually may be within my reach.

There's a great article about Cath Haridy and her work here and I'd like to thank her for responding to my online shout out to the digital ether. I never expected to hear something back! I'd also like to congratulate the guys from Eskimo Joe for winning two APRA awards for 'Foreign Land' it really is an amazing track!

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