Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A different path

After a long period of pitching to Producers and Production Companies and Agents, and every response being "Looks Fantastic, Great Work! Awesome Concept!" and ending with "Good Luck with it", I've decided to turn the screenplay I've written (which has been polished after American coverage, and input from my SAS military advisor) into a book.

I'm writing and expanding on the script, and turning the story into something that everyone can access, and the ideas and characters will see the light of day.

Once complete, I will submit it to publishing houses, and their digital epublishing arms and get valuable feedback from there. If it's up to scratch, it will be picked up. Another option is to release it myself, but that's a fulltime job in itself as well.

Either way, I'm not giving up on the 'Redeemed' story, I'm releasing it on a different medium, on which to build an audience, and possibly pave the way for a film of it in the future. Perhaps the size and scale of it was too large for this point in my career.

A more restrained and centralised version of the film could be pursued to fit into the style of the Australian market, but I saw this idea as an internationally marketable film, with a larger scope.
Being realistic, I'll have to earn my stripes on other projects to get this one perhaps, though the feedback from my twitter followers and facebook fans has been full of praise and encouragement to fight on and make the film.
That's still an option, especially if the book is successful and people want to see the story onscreen.
Stay tuned as I fill you in on the journey of a film maker turned author to find a way to make the film.
Convoluted right? But consider this the first turning point as I head into the second act...
There are other skies to be conquered before fighting that filmic battle...

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