Monday, August 22, 2011

The Independent Idea

It's been over a week since I launched the Redeemed Concept Trailer online in an effort to show the visuals, characters and some essence of the story.

The response from those that have seen it has been fantastic, and those few that did decry it admitted it was not to their taste rather than anything wrong with the way it had been shot, or cut. In fact, the sole person who railed against it was howled down by others WANTING to see the film made.

That in itself was an awesome result, that the public have taken it upon themselves to defend the project and embraced it.

Twitter has resulted in the most vocal of support by those that have seen it (full disclosure - those that I asked to look at it ha!) Here are some of the comments.

"Impactful and Snappily Cut" - Brian Trenchard Smith

"Mate, you are one talented man !! It looks amazing CONGRATS x Mr M" - Renowned Fashion Designer Peter Morrissey

"WOW...looks A M A Z I N G, totally intense! Can't wait to see it come to fruition" Jacob Luppino and Anthony Pittorino - JAton Couture Label

"Awesome! well done!" - Karl Von Moller - DOP 'Not Quite Hollywood' 'Machete Maidens'

"This (potential new Aussie) film needs to get made!...Wish I had a spare 10 Mil." David Moore - Gloss Salons

"Wicked promo! Great shots, concept. Good luck with the Film!" - Alvaro Rodriguez co-writer of MACHETE

"It's so good !! I hope all that hard work pays off for you! I'm sure it will." - Ramona Telecican - Producer/Wardrobe Styling on Project Runway

"Really Loved it, Dark and Intense" - Melissa Hoyer - Social Commentator, Media Personality

"That is one seriously high octane trailer. It's got to get people's notice." Nick Earls - Best Selling Australian Author.

"V Intense" - John Birmingham - Best Selling Australian Author

"Well done Simon, looks amazing!" Gina Milicia - Celebrity Portrait Photographer/Fashion

"Great work mate, some really cool scenes in there" - Robb Cox - Director - Rustygate Films

"Shows a lot of promise, could do with a bit more subtlety for our tastes but that explosion looks incredible. Some good perfs" Aus Film Review

"Very impressive visually, interesting and great acting. Really good work. Well done!" - Amara Young - Actress

"Very Cool!" - Chriss Anglin - Call of Duty: Black Ops voice actor

"Great Work on the trailer Simon" - Luke Romyn - Australian Author

"That trailer looks seriously bad ass! Awesome Stuff." - Casey Ryan - Host of Cutting Room Floor Internet Radio

"WOW! So this is what you do when you are not on Twitter???" Steven Murphy - TV Publicist

There were comments that the first version of the trailer was a tad long, which I understand as it was designed to flesh out character and appeal to certain actors, so I recut it and released version two.

In amazing news, the trailer has landed in front of one of Australia's most talented Hollywood level actors, and his assistant has requested more information... I've written the letter of my life, attached supporting information, and now I wait to hear the response...

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