Sunday, March 27, 2011

Waiting by the phone

So to pick up where I left off, I made a call to Greg Van Borssum, Combat and Action Director of Mad Max 4, to enquire about using footage from his short film "Method of Entry" of military door breach teams, Special Forces in action. He was on set and after my brief speil about what I was trying to do he said "Can I call you back"

Now of course, I had just cold called a pro, who was on set, so my immediete concern was I'd just bugged him and had given no reason to actually follow up with me other than a bucket of enthusiasm down a phone line, and that can even be a deterrant, rather than an asset.

So I was greatly relieved when I got a call back that afternoon, and I found Greg open to hearing about what I was trying to do. I laid all the cards I had on the table, the footage from the Department of Defense, the backing of Eskimo Joe's song 'Foreign Land', that fact I'd been discussing the idea with John Fox.

In the end, and after a few more conversations over the next couple of days, Greg is sending me a digital version of his film, which he shot on 35mm film, with John Fox as the armourer, with professionals as his military actors, and I can splice the action shots into my 'concept trailer'. The threads are being drawn together for me to make a powerful concept trailer for my movie idea and present it in the best possible way to the people that can help me get it made.

I've pushed the string further along the road to making this film a I've just got to redraft the script from 120 pages to 96...and make sure it's the best 96 page script it can be!

Ex Pertinacia Victoria

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